Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spotted! Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Organics Lipglosses and Fruit Scented Rose Salve

 C.O. Bigelow Organics Lipglosses in Ripe Blackberry(purple), Strawberries & Cream(pink), and Golden Peach (peachy pink).

I tried on Golden Peach and compared to the Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint (by the same company), this on glides on more smoothly as its consistency is more watery but not runny. It smells and tastes like peaches too! It shows up clear on my lips. I believe it was a sheer gold but I couldn't tell exactly in the store's lighting.

C.O. Bigelow's original Rose Salve in normal packaging, new packaging (really pretty and suits spring!), Apple Rose Salve (sounds delsih ;), and Blueberry Rose Salve. I wonder what colours they'll be. 

If you have already tried them, be sure to let me know!


  1. ooh i love the rose salves!!! thanks for sharing :) i was eyeing the peach gloss too :D hehe

  2. I still Have to try them :) They look really exciting tho!


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