Monday, April 25, 2011

Unspoken Gluttony: McDonald's Double Fillet O'Fish

This came out a while ago...I think it may have been limited edition. Don't get it. It's like dumping 5 bucks down the drain xD It's a little too heavy for my liking and I prefer the normal Fillet O'Fish. They're exactly the same it's just that you get more fish with this one.


  1. how do you like it taste wise? i have always wanted to try a fillet of fish but have been iffy about it lol

  2. same feeling!! i didnt enjoy the double either.. it made me feel sick the whole day.. you should try the fish burger at wendy's if u like fish burgers :D

  3. theVEROblog~ the fish flavour isn't really there. so it's good for people that don't like the fishy smell. the patty is firm yet easy to bite through, and when it's super warm and fresh, it melts the cheese. With the tartart sauce, tangy and creamy, it's really good!

    MEOW~ yeah! i read it on ur blog and I was determined to try it xD thanks, I'll try it next time I go to Wendy's


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