Saturday, January 5, 2013

Haul: THE FACE SHOP at Pacific Mall

One of my close friends told me that THE FACE SHOP from Korea opened up at two locations in Toronto and being the Korean cosmetic/skin care junkie that I am, I was dying to go. Luckily, I had to run errands in the busy city today so I stopped by the store in Pacific mall (pmall for short) to pick up some items. 

The White Mud Nosepack has been on my list ever since Pam from xpinkxx raved about it. I tried looking for it in Hong Kong but I flew back to Canada with empty hands. The same friend that told me about THE FACE SHOP recommended me their nail polishes. Although they streak on the first coat, the overall product is well worth the mere $1.75CAD. Not even WetnWild is this inexpensive. I picked up PK101, a cool baby pink and I might give it to my other friend who's in need of some new polishes ^^ The last item that I bought was the Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel. I've never used eye products before so a depuffing one is a nice way to start. 

I'm not sure if this is true at the other location, but all the sales associates spoke Korean so if you can do that, I suggest you do. Apparently they're even nicer then and you get a lot of samples. Don't forget to sign up for their points card! Down side to that is that it's location specific -.-;; like if you got it at pmall, you can only use it there. Another tip is that try to talk to the SAs and be friendly. If you're from out of town, let them know discretely. The cashier gave me double the samples which is way better than the service at Holika Holika that's only a few stores away.

In the phone department, I bought a clear hard iPhone case for $5CAD and got the bumpers for free! I'll definitely be doing some DIY on it~ I went to 4 stores to find the best price and $5 was it. Cases for the 4/4s were as cheap as $2! So grab them while you can.

That's all for now~! Good night!


  1. ಠ▃ಠ bfkjaglaigjal OMG SERIOUSLY!? I never knew they had a shop there...forever crying. Omo, I really want to go to Pmall but it's so expensive cause I have to take the Go Bus to get there and I'm really bad at directions T_T I usually just buy all my products online but knowing that they have a store here in Canada is exiciting~ I need to go to Pmall and BUY EVERYTHINGGGG~ Ps. Are you Korean? ;D My Korean sucks but I'll try to get more samples with it ; u ;

    1. Hi! Yeah I didn't know either until my friend told me xD There's also a The Face Shop in the Eaton centre so maybe that's a little closer? hahaha don't worry! just find ask an asian person and they can probably point you in the right direction :) the price is not as cheap as korea tho (duh xD) i'm not korean but if you can speak it, just be nice to the SAs and they'll give you samples ^^


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