Saturday, July 30, 2011

CinnaBunnie Likes: Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream SPF30 PA++

Hello hello~! It's been a while since my last review so I decided to blab about the Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream since it is currently blazing and shining in Canada! I first saw this product on the Muse and it really caught my attention because of the cute packaging and I was in need of a new facial sunscreen. This product is more suitable for the warmer months because this Ice Queen (get it? Ice cream?...No. Okay.) line is designed to be cool on contact so that your skin stops sizzlin'.

  Claims: "This multi-functional cream absorbs into the skin as it melts away like ice cream with the topping of firm and soft marshmallow. You can have moisturizing, sun protection, and makeup base effects all at the same time, with additional skin soothing and firming effects." You can see more details here.

Make sure it has an unbroken safety seal!
It is a play cream which means that it moisturizes, protects the skin from harmful rays (SPF30 PA++), and primes the skin for makeup application. For busy girls or ones that do not want to use 50 million products in the morning, this multi-functional cream is the perfect solution~!

Scent & colour: This cream smells delicious! It reminds of berries and vanilla. The scent is moderate in strength and it fades shortly after. It is a soft creamy white like vanilla ice cream.

 Application & usage: From the website, "Apply this cream before foundation with finger from center to edge of the face lightly." I got this from a box store so it came with similar instructions on a sticker label. I use this in the morning after cleansing, toner, and emulsion. I take a small amount (the size of a penny) and warm it up on my fingers (it's a habit which defeats the purpose of the cooling) and spread it on my face. I start with my cheeks, then my nose, chin, and forehead. You have to be careful with how much cream you use. If you use too little, there will be friction between your fingers and your face and it will be hard to spread the cream. If you use too much, it will feel greasy.

Packaging: I admit that one of the main reasons that I splurged on this cream was because of the packaging. How can you resist the cute jar with an ice cream scoop and chocolate syrup? The jar is plastic and is very bulky. Sometimes, I find it difficult to screw on the lid. When you open it, you can see that there is a plastic cover which I really like~ It reduces the amount of dust particles that get into it.

Price & availability: I got this from a store called MiuMiu in Pacific Mall in Toronto. It is one of those box stores that sell various brands of skincare and makeup products. They have Etude House, Baviphat, Tony Moly, Rhoto Hada Labo etc. I got this for $18CAD (price is sooo jacked up!). You can get this from Tony Moly stores in Asia or from online stores such as Izakkaya or Pretty and Cute.

 Texture & formulation: This cream has a fluffy whipped consistency that spreads nicely with the right amount. It does not leave a white cast and it absorbs easily. I have normal and oily combination skin so I find it greasy and shiny. I like to blot with blotting paper to remove the excess shine.

 Effects: It moisturizes my skin but because of my skin type, I find it too moisturizing. I think people with drier skin will enjoy this product ^^ Makeup such as foundation goes on more easily as it has something to hold onto. This Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream also helps to prolong wear time for makeup products. On contact, it feels cool on the skin. 

Overall: This Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream SPF30 PA++ is alright in terms of meeting my skincare needs. I don't like how it makes my face feel greasy for everyday wear but it is a good primer for powder products. It is a quick solution for multiple skincare needs such as sun protection, hydration, and makeup primer. It is not worth the price of $18CAD especially when the loonie is so high! 7/10


  1. cute product!! :)
    korean people make the cutest packaging~ what a great way to sell to us package lovers hahaa

  2. Thanks for the brilliant review!

  3. MEOW~ they are always full of ideas!! that's probably the main reason why my wallet is always empty! they just have waaay to many cute bottles and pots~

    Old Cow~ thanks girlie! ur always here to support me :) I am truly grateful!


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