Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Candy Doll Lipgloss!

So what have our favourite Japanese model/gyaru fashion icon/singer been doing? Tsubasa Masuwaka (stage name: Milky Bunny) has been promoting her song "Bunny Days". The official release state in Japan is July 20th, 2011. If you want to see all the behind the scene and fan greeting pictures, you can go to her blog here. Note that everything is in Japanese :x (I had to use google translate keke)

I personally haven't listened to her single yet but I'm sure it's super kawaii~ Just like her bunny costume!

I'm not exactly sure how the free Candy Doll lipgloss promotion but I assume that it comes with a CD. So you'll have to buy a specially marked CD package and you'll get one, no strings attached~ I wonder if the lipgloss is a specific shade exclusive to the "Bunny Days" release or it is a permanent shade from the core Candy Doll line ^^ I believe that her CD is not yet available internationally (only available in Japan). Online stores such as yesstyle might possibly carry it sometime soon~

Let's take a closer look at the mini lipgloss :)

For all you lucky ladies out there that can get your hands on Milky Bunny's "Bunny Days", I suggest you run to your nearest music store ASAP. Tsubasa related products always go fast >< 

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