Saturday, August 13, 2011

Me2Day: Strolling Down the Streets of Hong Kong

Listening to: nothing (my grandma is alseep! ssshhh)
Mood: Happy

I've just been trying to enjoy every moment of living in Hong Kong :) It's been too long. I'm really grateful to be able to see my relatives again, because who knows how long I'll have to wait for the next opportunity~

So far I've been to Ocean Park. Hey! You are never too old for amusement/sight-seeing parks. I love being immersed in an "underwater" world; seeing jellyfish gently moving about with their seemingly harmless tentacles. They remind me of ribbon dancers! ^^

I'm well fed with lots of good food! They even have taro McFlurries here! I had many chances to do a "little" shopping and boy, have I ever been so exhausted! I shall update you all with hauls once I get back. Be warned though! There will be lots and lots of photos~

Can someone teach how to make these?

Udon!! nomnomnom


  1. ahh ur in hk?
    lucky girl!!! :)
    i hope ur having lots of fun there~~ buy lots eat lots :) take lots of pictures and remmeber to post them keke~~ looking forward to ur next posts :)

  2. :) it's really exciting since i haven't gone to HK in so long~ I ate so much that i kinda got sick in the tummy haha. too much dim sum xD will post photos, promise!!! thank you hunny~

  3. the food looks good! the first picture has me craving for dessert now :)

  4. HK is the best place to get good food :) They have a little bit of everything! The animal cakes are to cute to eat~


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