Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spotted! Walmart 03/19/2011

Canadian Walmarts have finally received various new products.

I've heard good things about the lipstains. 

The price has gone down a lot from the first time I saw them in a magazine. I believe they cost somewhere around $42CAD.

Finally! Their Naturally Clear green tea line has arrived for Canadians!

I bought a lot of these goodies so be sure to check our my haul (Fresh Off the Buy) here.


  1. Oh man! You've probably read my twitter messages but I've been going walmart to walmart trying to find the skinny dippling blush and glamoflague concealer from Hard candy. Stores never seem to restock!

  2. its funny.. i was just at a walmart tonight checking out what they have.. and i saw lots of those brushes but i didnt no buy anything
    i was actually going to get the loreal magic base thingie i forget what it was called.. coz it came with a correcting base as a bonus!! but they didnt have the one for light skin... so i ended up buying nothing :( BUT i did get some my beauty diary masks from T&T supermarket :)

  3. Justine~ I guess you found the skinny dipping blush :) but good luck with the glamoflauge! They're in such popular demand :P

    MEOW~ I saw the loreal base thingy :P at Shoppers too! And they had all the colours except it's more pricey. MBD masks are always lovely ^^ Hope you find the stuff you like next time!


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