Friday, March 18, 2011

CinnaBunnie Loves: Orange Avenue UV Color Lipgloss in 08 Milky Pink

Not so long ago, my aunt helped me get some skincare and cosmetic products from Hong Kong. Thank you auntie!! She picked up this Orange Avenue UV Color Lipgloss in 08 Milky Pink. I've never heard of this brand and it seems like they don't have a website either (I used Google). The "UV" part in this gloss makes me wonder: does it change colour in the sun or does it have SPF? is something that will remain a mystery to me since I can't find much info about it. I'm positive that it doesn't change colours in the sun, sadly. Anyways, I'd like to share my thoughts about this particular lipgloss with you.

Texture & colour: The picture above describes this colour as a milky pink but the name is actually very misleading. I have a feeling that they misnamed it because it is definitely not "milky" to me O_o It is more like a ruby grapefruit pink with fuchsia undertones and silver shimmer. I must admit that I really like this colour for the colour and shimmer combination is really unique ^^ It applies sheer on my lips, giving it a slight "healthy lips" kind of tint and luminous shine. The shimmers are fine enough that it does not feel gritty on my lips. The downside that might bug some people is that the formula is sticky. The Orange Avenue UV Color Lipgloss is a tad stickier than MAC Lipglasses. The lasting power is about 2.5 hours with drinking and minimal snacking.

You can see the strip of fuchsia in the middle =]

Application & packaging: It is your standard lipgloss packaging that involves a doe-foot applicator. However, the applicator is extreme long: about 1/3 longer than your usual doe-foot. This factor can be helpful to those with plumper and fuller lips. Just one swipe will do the job thanks to the elongated applicator that carries a sufficient amount of product. I believe the handle is made out of metal and the actual tube is made out of plastic. The handle always feel cool to the touch which I find really comforting, especially in warmer weather.

Flavour & scent: If you read the name of this product and wondered if it smelled or tasted like oranges, then you are half correct :) There is virtually no taste (*licks lips* nope. Nothing) but the lipgloss is orange or tangerine scented (if only I can get my hands on some Etude House Miss Tangerine products...) which is very yummy. It does carry an artificial zing to it but pretty much all fruit-scented products do. The scent isn't strong or cloying.

1-3: natural light/4:flash
Price & availability: I believe that my aunt got this at Sasa in Hong Kong for $18HKD (if I remember correctly) so thats about $2.25CAD which is very inexpensive for an 8mL lipgloss. The only website that I found where you can actually order is this one, but the price is jacked up to 10 bucks (probably USD). They have a lot of colours to choose from. Orange Avenue also makes BB creams (here's a brief mention about it in a video)and foundations (mrs.cheapcheap blogged about it here, the packaging looks really cute!) 

top: natural light/bottom: flash

Overall: I really love the unique colour and I've gotten compliments when wearing this lipgloss. It is not overly shimmery and it is not frosty looking at all. Orange Avenue UV Color Lipgloss in 08 Milky Pink is made in Korea and is very affordable. The scent is very alluring to me and it deserves an 8/10. I took two points off because it isn't readily available and the ingredients aren't exactly natural.

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