Saturday, March 26, 2011

CandyDoll Base Makeup Series are Available for Pre-Order!

I believe that this pre-order event is only available to people in Japan. You can get more information on this site (which is where you can pre-order it). As of now, there aren't many shades to choose from, around two only: light beige (yellow under tone) and a light skin colour (pink under tone). Who's excited?


  1. *waves hand* MEEE~ so excited. i love candy doll line. although i wish this collection was more extensive. wider range of products. thanks for sharing x

  2. Am eyeing her foundation!!! The packaging is not noteworthy though =[

  3. faye lu review~ *jumps up and down* me too! I've never gotten to try their stuff tho XD I'm sure Tsubasa will expand it in the future with more products and shades to choose from.

    Blair~ That's what I thought too! Usually her packaging is really kawaii


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