Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails in 04

Hello! Today I will be reviewing  the Ice Cream Nails in 04 (Strawberry Star Candy) from Etude House's Sweet Recipe line.

Claims: Glitter & stone infused pastel nail colors in yummy ice cream cone designs.

I'm not really sure if those are the only selling points but they were the ones I found on the Etude House Hong Kong website... Since I can't read Korean, there's no point of me trying to use the Korean site :p You can place a check mark beside each "claim" except for the stone-infused part. I'm 100% positive that the nail polish contains only glitter~

 Colour: I chose this pretty blue-based baby pink because it totally reminds me of fluffy cotton candy! It's really too bad that they didn't make a baby blue to go with this. I also wanted to get the mint one but it was sold out >< Gosh I hate that feeling haha. This shade really got me because of the diverse array of glitters you find in it: super fine silver circles, small iridescent circles, small rose pink hexagons, medium magenta hexagons, medium silver hexagons, medium blue hexagons, medium pink squares, large rose stars and large holographic silver stars. There might be even more hidden glitters that I can't see right now!

Perfect for a game of I Spy lol
 Formula: unfortunately, this formula is not as great as it looks. This polish streaks even with the third coat. It gets kind of goopy and it's very hard to apply evenly because of the glitter. I had to redo it twice before I got it right. If you want to put a star glitter on a nail, you'll literally have to fish for it. I like to do the fishing first, wipe the polish off the glitter, and stick it on during the final coat. The manicure lasted for 4 days without chipping (I used Essie's To Dry For topcoat) but on the 3rd day, star glitters were coming off. Since it is a glitter formula, removal is also a pain in the bum xD 

Packaging & Application: The main selling point is definitely the packaging. Who wouldn't want nail polishes that look like ice cream cones? To my surprise, the cone-shaped handle did not hinder the painting process and it's fairly easy to attain a good grip. The brush itself is just like any average brush. It does its job although it would benefit from a fuller brush. I admire Etude House's attention to details. The cone has waffle markings on it and little spheres on the rim which really add to the overall appeal. Hopefully, they'll pay more attention to the formulation next time~

Price & Availability: products from Etude House are usually affordable and this was no exception. Priced at ~$4.00CAD, it's worth a try if you're a packaging freak like me ^^ I bought mine from Gmarket but it's also available on Amazon and Ebay.

Overall: Ice Cream Nails in 04 is not a must have from the Sweet Recipe line but if you have the time and patience to work with it, I suppose it's worth a shot. This shade is super fun for spring (& Easter!!) and the packaging is hard to resist. 6/10

 I hope you enjoyed this review! Please leave comments :) They always put a smile on my face~! 

Oh and last week, I got to see the Worlds Figure Skating Championships for men's singles. It was an awesome experience! I will do a small post on it soon ^^ And I also played around with the layout of the blog...it was about time hahaha 

I should really go to bed now xD Good night!


  1. Oh man, too bad the formulation sucks! I have been wanting these for quite a while because they look like so much fun, but I guess I can better invest in a glittery top coat instead.

    Thanks for the review sweety and I hope you're doing well!

    ♥ Ella

    1. Hi Ella :)
      You should try the mint one! I heard from several reviews that the formulation is better than the pink one. And if you're into cream finishes, etude house came out with some regular ice cream nail polishes! so you get the cute packaging plus a functional formula ^^ glitter is always lovely hehe

      thanks for reading and you too!

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  3. It's very cute, I love the Sweet Recipe edition, specially because of the packaging!
    I'm following you, nice blog! :)


    1. Yes this collection was dessiged for all the pastry-lovin' girls out there. And thanks love, it means a lot ^^

  4. I somehow found my way onto your blog... and glad to say I'll be coming back often! it's awesome, I live in ontario too weee~

    1. Thanks love! That's very sweet of you :) omg we should be friends! ahaha


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