Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: Canmake Candy Wrap Lip in 06 & 08

Today I'll be reviewing Canmake Candy Wrap Lip in Guava Smoothie 06 & Pomegranate Jam 08.

Colorful and sweet like candy.
Color looks the same on your lips as it does in the tube. With masses of beauty essence to moisturize your lips.

Vivid color x moisture retention
● Achieve vivid color and moisture simultaneously!!!
A moist finish, as though you have wrapped your lips in a colorful veil of moisture.
Restrained use of lamé and pearl
● A rich, jelly-like finish, without being dazzling.
There’s no need to be worried about lamé particles making your lips feel rough or leaving a residue on your lips after removing your make-up.
Smooth, non-sticky texture
● Contains a light-feeling oil that reduces the stickiness usually associated with lip gloss, achieving a light, smooth texture on application.
Just one coat will spread evenly over your lips.
Packed with moisturizing agents and beauty essence!!!
Moisturizing agents
・Hyaluronic acid
・Honey and royal jelly extract
Oils of plant origin
Shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, persic oil (apricot kernel oil), mango seed oil (Emollient agents).

This is my first lip product from Canmake so I was very excited to finally try this product after hearing so many positive comments about it! This product is made in Japan.

Colour: Guava Smoothie 06 is a somewhat accurate name for this shade. The tone of the colour reminds of the flesh of a guava and the fresh juices that it contains. However, in some lighting, the lip gloss looks brighter and pinker in the tube and when swatched on the hand. Pomegranate Jam 08 is accurately described as "a coral red that gives a feminine, gorgeous look." It doesn't apply too boldly on my lips as they are pigmented but may do so on lighter lips. I love this shade because it really brightens my whole complexion and brings out the white in my teeth while the guava pink makes my face and teeth appear more yellow. Coverage is light to medium but buildable. Canmake's Candy Wrap Lip come in 9 candy-like shades with the 9th one being limited edition. Check out Yumeko's review here.

Packaging: The lip gloss comes wrapped in a plastic seal and a colourful scallop-trimmed tag. I love the feeling of the luxurious metal cap with "Canmake" engraved on top. The design on the sturdy plastic tube is girly and fun with the assortment of flowers and scallop-laced border.

Application: The applicator features a flat sponge tip that deposits a sufficient amount of lip gloss on the lips. If you want a more opaque finish, all you need to do is flip the applicator over an reapply. The tip is easy to control and hugs the curves of the lips.

left: natural light/right: flash
Texture: Where should I start? xD Canmake claims that this formula is not sticky but that is not true. There is still a bit of tackiness but not as much as a MAC lipglass. I find that the texture is a cross between a gel and a regular lip gloss. It is very moisturizing and emollient without feeling heavy on the lips ^^ I absolutely adore the name "candy wrap" because that's exactly what the gloss does! It wraps the lips in a blanket of candy colour and helps it retain moisture and it does not accentuate fine lines~ The only down side to this formula is that it lasts up to 3 hours max without eating...Maybe I just talk to much making the lip gloss wear off xD

Guava Smoothie 06
Psssssst. Want to hear a secret? ;) My lip swatches have to be from an angle otherwise it does not photograph well. They either look too fat or asymmetrical lol These lippie swatches were taken in natural lighting.

Pomegranate Jam 08
Price & availability: I bought both of these in Log-On in Hong Kong for $78HKD (~$9.75CAD). The price is a little steep for a drugstore product but the quality is very good. Obviously, as with all Canmake products, they will be hard to find in North America so I suggest buying them online from a trustworthy store.

Flavour & scent: These don't have a flavour or a scent. I was hoping that they'd taste like juicy suckers~ Looks are so deceiving!

Overall: I am very happy with Canmake Candy Wrap Lip. You get pretty candy coloured lips from them as well as a comforting formula with lasting moisture. They come in an array of flattering colours and the quality of the whole product is worth the money. If you are looking for a good wear time of 4 hours, then this is not the ideal choice. I definitely recommend anyone to try this if they like juicy-looking lips albeit wear time is short~ 9/10


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    1. thank you! I'm glad that it was helpful :) thanks for reading~

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  4. Wow, your first Canmake lip products! Great choices! I would totally want to buy these colors too, hehe, they look so pretty on you!

    1. Yezzir! I was super stoked :) Thanks for reading and those colours are lovely on every skin tone and they feel so nice on the lips. You gotta try them! I'm glad to see you back in the blogosphere hehe


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