Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY: Under the Sea Ear Cuff Part 2

Hello! How has everyone been? Busy getting into the holiday season I hope ;) So I finally posted the second part to my ear cuff tutorial. I's been 4 months *hangs head shamefully* but better late than never, right?

In addition to the original "under the sea" theme, I also added a simple and girly version that I made for my friend. She loved it!

I'm so glad it turned out really nicely~

Here's a photo of her wearing them :) She has pretty ears.

Anyways, this is what you need:
  • Ear cuff (premade from part 1)
  • Fine chain
  • Crystals, charms, pearls etc.
  • Eye pins
  • T-pins (for charms)
  • Earring posts, hooks etc.
  • Jump rings
  • Round nose plier -Hong Kong
  • Flat nose plier -Hong Kong
  • Cutting plier -Hong Kong
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
You should be able to find all the supplies and materials in your local craft store ex. Michael's

And if you haven't seen part 1, it would be awesome if you can check it out! Have fun and be creative with this project kekeke~

Also, for everyone who's busy with the holiday season, be careful when you're on the roads and in parking lots! There are quite a lot of aggressive shoppers out there!

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