Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FOB: Arrr! I think I see me some Holika Holika!

I went to Toronto a few weekends ago. While I was there, I dropped by Pacific Mall as usual. They have really good and affordable bubble tea that are made with real mangoes. The mall also carries clothes, purses, skincare, and make up that I love. I bought this cute nautical shirt-it literally screams "aye aye captain"-from a store called Voir. To my surprise, the mall managed to get a Holika Holika store! I was jumping from the excitement when I saw it. It was perfect timing since I needed a facial cleanser. The annoying thing about the store was that there were these four SAs that kept squealing and yapping in Korean while I was in there...Not exactly professional because it automatically made me feel like they were talking about me -_-;; Unlike the stores of the same brand in Korea, this one did not give out samples. Prices ranged depending on the product you buy. Some coloured cosmetics cost $20CAD+ while my Snow White cleanser only costs $16CAD. From T&T (a popular Asian grocer), I bought the Mandom Cleaning Express Moist that the muse raved about. I don't own any cleansing oil so this was a good choice. Hopefully, these products live up to their name~

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