Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spotted! Essence Cosmetics in Canada

Hi everyone! I must first apologize for my loooooong absence but I'm finally back! I hope you've all been doing well ^^

If you haven't heard already, affordable European brand Essence has finally hit Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada. Not every Shoppers carry this line so I suggest going to locations that have higher traffic (i.e. malls). I was super excited when I saw the small but abundant display stand. The items cost $1.49CAD-$4.99CAD each! So far the quality is awesome and with its price, Essence cosmetics is comparable to some WetNWild and NYC products although I favour Essence at the moment.

First Essence haul :D
 I couldn't resist the colours and prices so I hauled the four angels. The nail polishes cost $1.49 while the Tint it! Colour Changing Lipgloss cost $2.99. Any product with "colour changing" properties immediately catches my eye. The shade that I got is 02 Turn to Lucky which changes from a tangerine to a pink.

From left to right:  43 Where is the Party?, 38 Choose Me!, and 86 A Lovely Secret. I've tried 38 and 86 so far and they are fantastic! They dry quickly and you only need two coats for a full opacity. I will definitely buy more shades one Shoppers restock them ^^ Another note, I haven't seen any special/limited edition displays but I'm positive that we'll be getting them. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your lovely Sunday! It's only March and it already feels like summer~ It's 21 degrees outside! Toodles~~

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