Friday, October 7, 2011

OTD: October 7, 2011

 This is a great way to wear those shirts that are a tad too short. Paired along with these high-waisted shorts, this outfit makes my legs appear longer ^^ 

 The fur adds a bit of warmth to it as we are currently in the fall season.

 I feel that this is more suitable for dinners or something fancier than just going to work :P This outfit is definitely on the girly side. It has lace, bows, jewels and hearts~

Faux leather & fur coat: Hong Kong
Victorian sleeved & lace top: Pacific Mall
High-waisted bow shorts: H&M (divided line)
Heart tights: Hong Kong
Jewel peep toes: gift


  1. really nice outfit! i'd have to agree about short shorts, they make our legs look longer! :D

  2. Thanks darling! These were almost too short :P Since they are the flowy kind, if you bend in a certain way, you might flash someone XD oopsies!

  3. WOW u look great
    wish my legs were tat nice [i wasnt trying to be a perve or something weird]

  4. Thank you sweetie! I'm only 5ft tall so my legs aren't that nice in real life :P HAHAHAHAA! the last part of your comment made me laugh so much! Don't worry ;)

  5. aww your tights are so cute. Love the jacket too, looks so warm! You look very cute :)

  6. Those shorts are so cute! I don't think I've seen them at H&M before. I tend to veer away from patterned bottoms, but you seem to make it work!

  7. Nic Nic~ You are so sweet! Thank you~

    The Little Dust Princess~ I love the variety at H&M! I don't usually bump into people with the same clothes as me so that is a bonus ^^ I love your outfits and I still have much to learn from you! Thanks for dropping by :)

  8. Those tights are seriously awesome! Your skirt is so cute, too :)

  9. Thank you Sarah for all the kind comments!


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